Year Round People

Barbara Ann Miller walking home with Verna Mast.

Junior, Treva and the baby out on a leisure bike ride after the day's work is done.

Leander Coblentz's work starts in the evening. He is a night watchman at Yoder's. Here he is picking up cigarette butts, which gives him something to do while he is on duty. 

Mel Mullet at the Park. He gets a lot of good exercise with his daily walking or biking a few miles most every day. 
My first impulse was to write that Robert Detweiler and Menno Borntrager are loafing, but that is a bit unfair as Menno does a good job in taking care of customers at the Big Olaf retail store located at the corner of Beneva and Bahia Vista in the little mall. I assume Robert just showed up and sat down for a good visit. (If you love expressions then click on this picture to get a good look.)

Of course there are many more people that stay during the summer and do the work around here. I just need to find them at the right time and place. 


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