Crossing Bahia Vista & Kaufman

 Tonight Birky Square hosted the Chuck Wagon Gang and at the was another song fest. I attended neither one as it was too cold for me to sit out. So I sat at the crossing of Bahia Vista and Kaufman. There were people everywhere. 
 Crossing Kaufman first and then Bahia Vista to get to Birky.

 Rosie, Lydia and Ron coming up from Kaufman and crossed Bahia Vista.

 Crossing Kaufman

 Ready to push the light to cross Bahia Vista

 Waiting on his buddy and I think they went to the park.

And a chair hangs head first over the scooter basket, crossing Bahia Vista.


  1. Hi Katie, you left your book at Yoder's at my book signing. I will leave it with the clerk here when I leave. Thanks again for stopping by!


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