A Sunday at the Park

I love biking in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Most people are still wearing their Sunday best and have Carry-In's under the pavilion and then sit around to visit, giggle and cough, like the above picture.

Swing High, Swing Low...

A lively game of Volley Ball. The players in this game were all from Lancaster County except for one.


Watching the Volley Ball game

Running ahead and after Daddy

John Miller from Winesburg Ohio loves feeding the birds stale bread. Many times he attracts children whom help with throwing out bread.

More bikers

The End.


  1. In the volleyball picture I would have to wonder which one wasn't from Lancaster County...not sure how you could tell! LOL
    Such a great picture!

  2. The one on the far right. By her dress I thinks he is from Holmes County Ohio, where my roots are.

  3. So fun! I enjoyed seeing all the "Sunday best" when I was there. It would have been fun to play some volleyball, too. I was pretty good, once! :)

  4. My favorite posting of yours, ever.


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