Another Sunday in Pinecraft

Giving her dolly a swing ride.
 I watched this little boy call for his Mom and then stretched his arms to the monkey bars and up he went.

 This afternoon there was a gathering of people who had or have their second marriage. One thing I noticed, it looks like all the cars have to be a shade of silver.

 Two men playing Chess with one little on-looker.

 You get around better with a golf cart and a cane.
 Meeting up with Levi Hochstetler.
 Zoom- zoom- brumm-brumm on the fence.

 Peachey meets Peachey

This is the little tomboy girl is growing up to be a good volley ball player. She whacked that ball over the net like a little pro.


  1. That little girl pushing her dolly is so precious. It makes perfect sense to her.

  2. All the silver cars - hmmm, very interesting. The Peacheys all look like they're having a "peachy" time! Great pics.


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