I wonder how much of our time we spend in waiting? We wait to go to bed. We wait to get up if we feel like getting up. We wait to eat and then eat too much. So we wait to loose weight. 

Anyway here is the security night watchman waiting until all the people are finished with last minute produce shopping at Yoder's Fresh Market before he closes the over-hang door and locks it.

And I look across the street and hers sits Ernie and Carl & Gertie waiting for the light to turn green so they can cross Bahia Vista. 


  1. So true. Lots of time waiting... If I get frustrated by it, I try and calm down and think, 'Well, this is a good time for an Our Father.' Now if I could just get that attitude a little more! I've become more patient as I've gotten older so I'm glad about that. I love your new background, by the way.


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