Wednesday Shots

 This is the best way to load the Pioneer Bus for their trip back up to Ohio/Indiana, just sit back and let it happen.

 It appears like these two grinning men stuck the beautiful sunset into their buggy.

 "I've got my eye on you."

 The clouds in the east over Pinecraft. I was admiring these clouds and mentioned it to a someone else and the normal I hear is, "It is just thunder clouds". It doesn't matter to me, for thunder clouds are beautiful.

 Yoder's Fresh Market has lots of watermelons.

The Garden of Eden is finished. And let there be light and all the trees lid up at 8:30, the moment I stopped to admire them tonight.


  1. Great picture's Katie and i would say most of the Amish/Mennonite folks are pretty back home now from Pinecraft. That gives you a lot more elbow room now and no lines at Yoder's! Richard


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