Suffer the Little Children...

 and forbid them not to push me on my bike. Tonight they were in bare feet so they were a bit more careful how fast they went. But when they are in sandals, well I love the sound of them clip-clopping up and down the street as loud as the flip-flop with clip-clop.

 forbid them not to learn to bat the sponge ball with a sponge bat. Daddy had been gone a few days on a business trip and came home with a new toy. I love how Daddy's hands are stretched out to catch the ball while Momma is the backstop.

forbid them not to go fishing with the supervision of his parents who were sitting on a picnic table close by.


  1. As always very nice image's of Pinecraft Katie, and i wonder how the fish is in that lake that i used to see so often on my trips to town........Id like to invite everyone to a post I've just published honoring the TV show "Big Valley", and also actor Peter Breck. Included with this post are 2 personal recipes that was sent to me by Peters wife Diane, so please stop by and say hello and share your memories of this classic TV show. Richard


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