A Hole in the Wall Day

 Everything has its own beauty, even a hole in the wall. 

 Or this object attached to the wall.

 Or this web of dead flies and little insects where two walls come together. The former cleaning lady would be horrified if she knew I posted this or even saw this crap.

 These flowers show off their own beauty too, with bright colors and green leaves.

 All of these pictures were taken while I was drying laundry at the Laundromat. I took the first three shots at the Laundromat and the flowers up at Yoder's Deli. I admire them daily and practice picture shooting on them.

It looks like these have almost reached the roof but truth be told I shoot from the bottom up.


  1. I have often wondered what makes the difference between beauty and ugly. That hole in the wall is not pretty. but its compelling and mysterious. The mesh of spider web and "miklyn" is sort of tragic. The flowers are so pleasing to my eye.

    1. Your comment hits the nail on the head.


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