A New Bulletin Board

 Nine days ago I biked to the Post Office to see if there is anything new posted on the bulletin board. I bulletin board was totally gone. It was high time for a new bulletin board as the old one was pinched and poked so many times that the tacks just fell out and some of the notes flew with the wind.

 This explanation was taped to the door.

Tonight I biked to the bulletin board again and the new ones are up and already in use.


  1. I really enjoy perusing your area via your posts. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  2. Looks much cleaner now Katie, and i used to drop by to that old message board when i was in town and just read the ads! Richard

  3. Katie, I've not been visiting blogs very much lately, but yours is the first... I always love your photos. You really have talent with that camera of yours...

    Thank you for all the comments you've left on my blog lately. I always appreciate your perspective.

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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