Ed's Bluegrass & Gospel Singing

 I think last Saturday night was the first time for this winter that there was Blue grass at Ed's house. This has been an old Pinecraft tradition for years, long before I started coming down here ten years ago. Down over the years the singers change from time to time. One generation goes and another comes.

 Atlee Miller has been with it for many years. 

 Viola, his wife is meeting Ed...

 and visits with him for a spell, kicking to push the swing. I know she has her days same as everybody, but I always see her with a cherry smile.

The group tonight, a Christener man, Shorty, John Miller, Dave Swartzentruber, Clarence Yoder, Dave & Dorene Miller and Atlee Miller.


  1. I love bluegrass. You can't be in a "mood" for long while listening to it. That, and mariachis too. :)

  2. Loved seeing pictures of Atlee and Viola. They were old friends of my parents. I remember knowing them as far back as I remember. I enjoy stopping in and seeing them whenever I get down there to Pinecraft.


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