Children on Vacation

 By the end of this week almost all of the children will be gone from Pinecraft. It is time to return to school or go back to work if you are a working parent. But today there are still many children around, especially at the park this afternoon. 

 These boys crawled and jumped the fence to go see the alligators.

 Gospel Express sang under the pavilion. The Hostetler siblings sang. I love this mother/daughter look.

 Down by the creek.

 I think these are great-great grandchildren of my former neighbors - Old Martin & Elizabeth Keim Hochstetler from Apple Creek Ohio. 

 Two girls racing up the slippery slide. The one had slippery shoes on, so she kept slipping up the slippery slide.

 My great nephews from Tyrone NC. Their Daddy works at Gospel Express. So they are spending the holidays in Pinecraft.

 Little lost boy, although he didn't know he was lost. He was playing in the fenced part of the park, but wandered out and walked up on the drive. He is a smart one. He couldn't talk yet and was sucking on a pacifier. When I asked him where his Mom is he pointed in the right direction. Another Mother swept him up into her arms and took him back where he came from.

Detweiler children from Milroy Indiana. The girl is six years old and is smart as a whip. She answered correctly every question thrown at her, 
what her name is, 
where she is from, 
who her parents are?
Then her Mom came around and verified all her answers as correct.

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