Today's Biking

 This afternoon after a lot of phone calls and text messages, and visitors I had enough. I needed to get out. I shut down the phone started biking like my whole life depended on it. Well, not quite but almost.

My landlord Amos, his wife Anna and two children arrived yesterday morning to clean their rental house and before the day was over Orpha Peachey Yoder and their children moved into the smaller apartment. This is their youngest one who had never seen me before. I can just see her brain spinning in trying to figure me out... She is a cutie but probably not spoiled. Her grandparents are Thomas and Leah and then there is Nate, Sadie and Sam her Mom's siblings. 

 I continued my bike ride and found another Garden Of Eden on the opposite end of Pinecraft. Pinecraft is starting to look more dressed up and a bit fancy. I love it.

 Found a swarm of something that stings at Eddie & Alta Chupp's porch.

 I just had to bike down Birky to see how these flowers are doing. I expected them to be well and healthy because they get the most tender loving care.

 On the opposite side of the street I found this rusty old lock hanging on...

After I was finished biking on the north side of Bahia Vista, I crossed the four-lane and went to the park. I stayed there for a good long time and when I biked home there was Mel Erb down on his knees in Bob Bender's house. Bob hired Mel to paint his house.


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