The Arrival of Six Pioneer Trail Buses

 Leanna is counting out the amount of Pioneer buses scheduled to come in at noon today.

 The first bus to arrive. The first five buses all came from Indiana. One of the buses had a total of 18 adults. The rest of the passengers were children. I don't know which group the youth were counted in.

 I am not sure I like Fred Helmuth's look. I think he is looking stern with smiling eyes.

 A lot of my photos are children. Other than at Christmas or Spring Break we have very few children in Pinecraft. 

 I can't imagine the work that goes in, in getting ready to spend Christmas as a family in Pinecraft/Sarasota. 

 Waiting and watching

 Two boys in the back of the bike.

 Floyd & Sarah's grandchildren

 Tim walking the dog

 Little peeper

 Ervin Mullet is doing a demonstration of his horn blowing.

 The Exodus out of the parking lot.

 I don't know if these are kin to Walter Raber or not. Walter is on the right.

 Waiting for bus number six - the Ohio load.

 After the five Indiana buses came and unloaded in a hurry, there were not many people left to wait for the Ohio bus.

 After biking up behind this Belleville PA couple I told them I will take a picture of them kissing if they want me to. They decided not to.

 Rummaging through her suitcase.

 The Ohio bus. First one off was Bill Stutzman. This is bus number six. More buses came in later today.

I took a total of 70 shots, which is the average per day in the winter time. I didn't take the time to watermark these pictures. I trust nobody will take any without permission. Click pictures to enlarge.


  1. Good pictures

  2. It's that time of year when I check out your pix extra carefully to see if anyone I know is in them! So far, I don't think so. Grandpa's down there now, though.


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