The Beach

There is a place on Long Boat Key that is called The Beach. The parking lot is big enough for about ten cars or so. Last evening Nancy Ebersole Good and I went to see the sun set and of course take pictures. Part of the time she used my camera to capture moments, and so some of the pictures are me. I returned home with 120+ pictures, so it was hard to choose which ones to post. I finally settled for the following shots.

 This was my first view ...

 And the second shot...

 Nancy with the sun on her back.

 It was the most beautiful evening  in an empty beach.

 Looking for sea shells. I actually didn't take any home. The first years I would gather a few shells but then I didn't know what to do with them.

 This bird got chased out of one camp up the shore, so he came down to our spot waiting on hand-outs. We didn't have anything, so I threw him a few sea shells. Even from a distance he knew those weren't goodies to devour. 

 The bird is being stalked by two photographers, while I stalked the photographers.

 One lone picnic table. Other than this table there are no beach benches around or any such thing.

This is one of the last shots of the same clump of weeds in the first picture.


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