Relaxing by Still Waters

 Nancy and I were looking for a certain spot somewhere close to Mote Marine and Save Our Sea Birds. I had been in that park a few times but I couldn't remember how to get there and so we turned off at the wrong drive and found this beautiful spot. We set up our chairs and enjoyed the evening after being greeted by Mr Male Bird. He was guarding his mate who is nesting in the next picture. She doesn't show up well but if you look closely she is touching their eggs.

 And the Turtle Dove was doing what they normally do, enjoy pecking for food.
 We sat facing the eastern sky and so we got the beautiful reflections from the setting sun, although the sun set behind a bank of clouds.

 These trees obviously were the roosting perches of a number of Pelicans, plus some other wading birds.

 Nancy is shooting with her iPhone.

 There was one lone person out on the water.

 The changing of the clouds.

 A Brown Pelican.

 The darkness deepens...

until the ghost of a bird comes looking for bedtime snacks. He had no fear of us.

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  1. Very nice pictures. I've been to Mote Marine and the bird place. Can't think of the name.



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