Touring Holmes County - Part 2

 Lena and Allen's son Quinton. He was told previously my heights comes about to his belly button.
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 One of the few phone booth in the Amish country that is still in use.

 Children at play.

 The lines of fresh laundry flapping in the wind.

 Somehow this photo brings back memories of the many Amish church services in the barn I attended my twenty-four years living in Holmes County. Straw was spread on the barn floor and we had to watch out for sparrows and pigeons droppings coming from the rafters.

 This is a stone boat which works best in snow since it lacks wheels.

 Outside a Hickory Rocker shop. These are cut Hickory saplings waiting to be bend out of shape or into shape for the priced rockers.

 This was one of the most beautiful homesteads we came across.

 We went to the Lakeville School to pick up Sydni, Lena and Allen's daughter.

 The elevator, the buggy and the old shed...

 An Amish tractor, which is only allowed for belt power.

 This man buys old farm machinery and fixes them or saves used parts for future fixing.

Milk cans waiting for the next milking.

 Weary horses and a weary farmer. It was getting close to quitting time.

 A friendly wave.

 Homeward bound

 Older students heading home.

I love this, the old barn, the brier patch and the Hay Loader.

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  1. Katie, I LOVE these photos. Holmes County is so beautiful! I wish I'd have grown up there instead of Geauga.

    As always, you do such a beautiful job with your photography. I especially like the farm that was your favorite.

    Take good care,



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