Crowley Museum and Nature Center

 I think I had posted about my previous visit to Crowley Museum last Fall. Today was my second visit.
 They were celebrating Earth Day with life music.
 I am hand feeding the biggest pig I remember ever seeing.
But it was very gentle and I almost smooched

 The Pot Belly Pig. I think some people have these for house pets.
 The huge pig was told to "Sit" and so she did.
 There were classes in teaching children how to make "Mud Pies" and then they went back into the woods with their instructor to find berries to bake in the pie.
 This little guy had his very own camera. He is probably a photographer in the making.
 This brought back memories, although I haven't used one in years. It used to be a good place to relax in a busy household. One time I was greeted by a Blacksnake and then no more relaxing in that specific out house.

Here is a bit of a display of the pottery this lady makes. She flattens leaves from plants and trees into the wet clay. When she bakes the clay the foliage burns off but the impressions stay. It makes for beautiful pieces of art.

Horses and a donkey.
 Strolling around
 Taking in the music
 Shy little fellow
And the old mountaineer. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. I had never heard of the Crowley Museum and Nature Center.
    Don't know how I missed it as I used to come to Bradenton every year.

    1. It is down toward Myakka, probably 30 minute drive from home.

  2. Mam whatyou seem like sweet person. I am not amish but i just wanted to say plesae dont give up on your faith in Jesus Christ or read bible no matter how muhc a church or spiritual group has impacted you in a negative way. it is okay to be out of the church system but as long as you dont turn from Christ and living out your faith, sharing jesus with others, and read bible. all thatmatter is to have personal relationship with Jesus. Dont let any negative church situation keep you from still believing and follow Jesus, praying for souls to be saved, and preaching jesus. Cuz i is true hell is real but we God never made hellfor humans, it made it for the demons. but man chose to rebel against God and in essence are choosing satan as there god and choose for themselve to go to hell even though God wishes NO MAN to perish. we have to stll beleive bible and share his name but dont let negative church abuse or religiousness efefct you in a negative way from still following jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  3. maybe pray to Lord if you wish to try a church fellowshi group that preaches love of JEsus Christ and still solid teaching of what bible says. See we still have to beleive that hell is real. but we also have to have a solid balance of who God is that He is LOve and Just and wishes no man to perish. but we cant let our relationship with jesus be tainted because some man was abusive or hurt us or way they were. We have to still say Jesus is still my Savior no matter what man does.

  4. I hope this does not repeat, as I was not logged in...
    Anyway, Continued success in enjoying your life. I saw your blog from my MSN news. I have Amish communities near, and I have family in FL. So I was interested on those two counts.




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