Holmes County - Part 3

 All of the following pictures were taken west of Maysville and down through Mt Hope and ending up at my sister's place where I was staying.

 It was a beautiful day to work in the garden. This woman had a pointed object and so I am assuming she was poking holes into the black plastic to plant seedlings or drop seeds into the poked hole.

 This woman's homestead and who knows how many generations live here.

 For Sale) Robes and Blankets, when I was a little girl in Holmes County Robes and Blankets were connected with buggy rides in the winter time.

 I didn't know people use plastic bags instead of sap buckets, but here is the evidence. Makes me wonder who was the first to come up with plastic bags to gather sap?

A few trees had buckets. I guess the sap was still flowing as there was evidence in the plastic bags.

 According to the shade of the red barn paint this is a Swartzentruber Amish Homestead.
 And their houses with the picket fences and the windmill. I remember when Grandma and Uncle Levi still had their picket fence.

 A vineyard on the hill.

Is this a three-generation home? 

 We met up with more than one rig going home from work, or men walking with dinner buckets.

 An old corn crib

 Somewhere west of Mt Hope.

The water trough where water continues to flow...

 Chickens have free range

 Working in the flower bed

 The family in this buggy likes ex-Amish tourist. It was a man, wife and a cute little Swartzentruber Amish boy.

Working in the fields

 Finally met up with family, my great-niece Rhoda walking the dog.

Sydni and I at my sister's place. It was a good day and "Thank you, Lena."

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