Touring Holmes County (Part 1)

 A week ago today I went with Lena Schlabach for a ride through Holmes County Ohio. She picked me up at my sister's place southeast of Mt Hope and our destination was her home in the Shreve Ohio area. Whenever we wanted to she stopped for a picture or so.

 I think this shot was taken on Mt Hope/Winesburg Road opposite from Adam Yoder's old homestead. Dad told me he was best-man when Schnagza Henner married one of Adam Yoder's girls. Dad's partner was Adam's daughter that later married Smitt John. I think her name was Anna.

 Working in the garden.

This is the former Levi Stutzman farm. Levi had snow white hair and was our deacon in the Neal Ale church district when I was a school age girl. Later my Uncle Levi replaced Neal Ale.

 I don't know who lives here but they were getting ready for a wedding. I love the windmill on the hill and the wash line stretch from the house to the silo.

 Fixing to plow some more.

 One horse on a hill.

Lena making a delivery in Fredericksburg. Her link is:

 In Fredericksbuurg, going into the same store Lena was.

 Going toward Holmesville.


Two sisters coming out of a long lane. There was a phone shack out by the road but don't know if that is where they heading. Obviously the Lancaster County Scooters have made their way into Ohio.


  1. Thanks for the tour, Katie! Was wondering if that was your school when you were a youngster?

    1. No, I went to school in the 1960's, sometimes public schools and sometimes shacky Amish school. In the 1980's the Amish schools were upgraded and much more livable.

  2. Hello Kathie.
      J hope that this community project could emerge.
    Thank you to share your faith with us.
      See you soon.


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