Marie Comes Home

 Marie fell and broke her hip about six weeks ago. She was in the hospital for a few days and then went into a rehab until she is ready to return home. She very faithfully did all her exercises and whatever was required to heal and return home again. Today she had a doctor's appointment. Julie took her to see the doctor and as they left the doctor's office she messaged me that they will be at Marie's apartment in about teen minutes. So I biked there and waited until they came.

 They came honking up the street to announce her coming home, but not to stay as she has not been officially released by the rehab center. Her release date is on Friday.

The first thing she did was pull some weeds in her parking lot. Last week when I went in to see she almost couldn't wait to get her fingers in the soil and around the weeds again. So why not pull weeds first thing?

 Marie with Julie

 Marie is getting her first look of her apartment after a transformation her daughter Lois did while she was in the hospital.
The chair is comfortable, although it is not a recliner.

 Julie is showing her the new burner they bought her.

 And now into the bedroom/sewing room.

 The sewing machine is ready and waiting for her busy fingers. Marie has no problem of not knowing what to do for she is always making quilts or other sewing projects.

And an examination into the bathroom, which got some changes to fit her needs like handle bars and such stuff.

 Inspecting the fridge...

 and the freezer compartment.

 Reading her mail.

 Deciding which cane is hers and which belongs to the rehab? She got it figured out. Of course she had left hers at home being she went to the hospital in the emergency squad.

And examining her new phone which Julie will set up for her. 

These pictures of Marie are mostly for her family.


  1. Oh my! This is so great! She is my aunt.

  2. Thanks for posting the pics--it is almost as good as being there ourselves!

  3. Thank you for posting all these photos of Marie. Wonderful to know she is well on the road to recovery although I was unaware that she had experienced a broken hip. Marie is my cousin. My sister and I had hoped to contact here when we were in Florida but were unsuccessful...hope to see her next year when we're down. Mary Edna

    1. I echo Mary Edna's comments. It is good to know you are on a speedy path of recovery. Just keep doing the exercises the Doctor has prescribed.
      Myrna ... Mary Edna's sister

  4. Thanks for the info, My Brother Dan did not tell me about Marie, so glad she will get to go home Friday. When Dan comes to Middlebury in June we will go to Yups for ice cream. Katie, one of Clara Yoder's kids.

  5. Katie, please tell Marie Miriam (from Middlebury)is thinking of her. I visited with Marie when we were in Sarasota this winter. I met you at the same time. So thankful Marie is doing well after her fall. We plan to be in Sarasota again next winter so I will visit her again. I enjoy your blogs, Katie.


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