My Amish Childhood by Jerry Eicher

This morning I spend a little bit of time looking around in Yoder's Gift Shop. I browsed their books and suddenly my eyes came to rest on this book. I didn't know it was on the shelves but I immediately claimed a copy. This afternoon I finished the book I was reading and so tonight I will start on this one. I can't wait to start reading and know ahead of time I will like it. I will like it for this simple reason, I know Jerry's relatives. I know the Eicher clan on his Dad's side and the Stoll tribe on his mother's side. I lived among them for thirteen years. I worked with quite a number of them. 
This was at my first home away from home. It was in the midst these people I crawled out of my shell, out of my box. They accepted me for who I was. They helped me realize I am a person... It was the beginnings of the long journey that brought me to where I am now... The Eichers, Stolls and the Waglers, all in the Aylmer Ontario Amish community were the first of the hundreds' of people who helped me on my journey...


  1. Your comments make me want to read it too. Glad your journey has led in a positive dirction! We all have our own journey, don't we? --learning that regardless of anything we have experienced, that God's love for us in unconditional and we are perfect and beloved in His eyes, not because of who we are but because of who HE is! Mary Spaide : (facebook friend)

  2. I have that book and it's good - you'll like it.

  3. I started reading last night and love seeing his perspective of his relatives in comparison to my perspective of the very same people.

  4. Thanks for posting this book. I'll be sure to read it.
    One can never forget those who have helped in difficult times. Such treasures they are. Like Jesus with skin.


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