Northbound Bus

 The Pioneer Trails bus comes down one day with passengers and leaves the following day with northbound passengers. So today was the day to load up and go north again. Yesterday 12-15 people came off the bus whereas today the bus was almost loaded to the brim. Menno Borntrager is leaving for the north.

 Getting sun protection under the umbrella.

 Sue was helped onto the bus by her neighbors Ruth Overholt and Linda Keim. Other passengers will keep an eye on her and family will pick her up in Indiana.

The last party to get on the bus, but he probably worked the hardest while down here.


  1. So happy to see your pictures and read your blog. My mothers live in caregiver is Lizzie Ann Troyer. Her husband Ben died in a farming accident many years ago and she and her two children eventually left the Amish. Her fathers name is Felty Mast.

    Van Shteffy

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