Survival Mode

This afternoon I went for a bike ride in the heat of the day, to clear my foggy brain for I had been on the computer all morning. The park was quiet and I didn't talk with a single person during my ride. My survival instincts kicked in when I watched this bird catch a Dragon Fly. Each one was determined to survive, but only one did.

  The Dragon Fly beat her wings in the struggle but she lost. The bird needs protein to survive, so she swallowed the Dragon Fly and went wading for some more and she got plenty to eat.

 These ducks, a total of eight fight for survival and so they put their heads under water and filled on insects and tender shoots of grass.

 The Gecko hides so it can surive.

The nut will grow into a tree if it survives.
The squirrel will survive if it eats the nut.
 Since nobody cleans out these flower beds, everything living plant survives. I am sure the flower beds are loaded with insects, Geckos and probably a snake, plus a frog or two. All want to survive, but some will become food and the strong one will survive.

This flower survives. It provides nectar for the bees and the wasps.
 The bees and wasps survive by using their stingers.

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