A Little Bit Here & There

 David Borntrager putting up a "Private Drive" sign at the private part of the Laurndomat.

 At the corner of Bahia Vista and Beneva, advertising The Village Cupboard.

 Menno Borntrager and Reuben Yoder doing chit-chat talk. I like it whenever I shop at CVS and Menno brings his own chair to sit. He watches my bike .

 The new Musser home on Graber gets more beautiful day by day. This week the landscaping was done. The sprinklers were happily pulsing out water tonight..

 Steve Borntrager frying up his famous "Egg Sandwiches" outside of Emma's Pizza tonight for some very special people. The only reason I am one of them is because I came around to take a few photos.
 He is one of those real chefs that flips his eggs in mid-air, rather than using a spatula.
Mu sandwich. Thank you Steve.

The Pioneer Bus Arrives

Sam Hostetler is the first one off the bus and he meets up with John Raber. Both of these help with loading and unloading the buses and k...