Signs of Autumn

 For a number of years I thought Florida has no change of seasons. But after being here year round for five years I have changed my mind. We do have four seasons here, they are just different than the north. 

We have acorns. They are tiny compared to the northern acorns but our squirrels are tiny and scrawny in comparison to their northern cousins. Tiny squirrels, eat tiny acorns.

 Kumquats are changing color.

 And so are these huge ones. I think they are a cousin to the grapefruit with less acid.

Some Palm trees drop tiny fruit just for the squirrels.

The ducks have raised another family of ducklings, which are young ducks now. The Momma and Poppa sit on the banks and watch the children find their own food. So far the water fowl have not congregated down at the park. That probably comes later when their young ones are totally on their own.

The Pioneer Bus Arrives

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