Vacation Time

Tonight I met up with, I am not sure what her name is but she is the mother to Emma Mullet Alonzo who runs the Pinecraft Pizza shop. Well Emma ran the Pizza shop until shortly before the baby was born. Her sister Arlene is now in charge of the shop. This Mother is here to snuggle her grand daughter and see her brother Norman who was in the hospital.

 While I was down at the park two families from Lancaster County came walking in. They just arrived this evening and went exploring Pinecraft. Mom is putting up the daughter's hair bun. 
The Daddy with their children. They were visiting with Paul & Mary Slabaugh Miller and David & Martha Weaver, which gave me the opportunity to take a few photos.


  1. NEAT pictures!! I just love how old-fashioned the Lancaster Amish look. Maybe I like it, too, because I grew up in PA, within 30 miles of Lancaster! :-)

  2. It's amazing to me how the Amish allow you to take pictures of them without putting up a fuss. You're able to get smiles and poses when no one else could. How blessed we are!


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