A New Season

 Herbert painting new murals.

 A new waterfall behind the buggy shed. 

 These two are new murals painted on the garage doors facing Bahia Vista.

 The New Season...
 and the other half of the New Season on the East wall.

This is a photo of the old mural. 

The previous mural painter got too old and feeble to continue. Each time I saw the paint chips chipping off, I wondered what is going to happen to this wall for it is so much a part of Yoder's Village in Pinecraft.  I was pleasantly surprised when I returned from my visit to Ohio to see this New Season on the east wall.


  1. Those murals are just beautiful. Herbert has done very fine work. Thank you for the lovely photos.

  2. Hello Katie,

    I'm from Germany, precisely from the Palatinate. I speak a dialect quite similar to Pennsylvania German and it's quite easy for me to understand Pennsylvania German if it is clearly pronuonced.

    I would like to come to Pinecraft to learn more about the Amish and horse and buggy Mennonites. Un deitsch schwetze mit de leit will ich aa!

    I've really read a lot about them, but I know, that reality in most cases is different from what's written in books.

    My question now is: what is the best time to go to Pinecraft to meet people there?

    1. Steven, the best time is from Christmas through March. During this time you will find a thousand people in the streets most days.

    2. Thanks, Katie, for your quick answer. Is it very overcrowed between say December 20 and January 6 or do people prefer to stay for Christmas and New Year's Eve in the north and come when it's over?

    3. At Christmas vacation Pinecraft is maxed out and full of children who are on vacation. Usually the first full week in January bus loads of vacationers head back home to get back to work and school. Then for about two weeks there is a tiny lull until the 3rd Saturday in January when the Haiti Benefit Auction brings older people down. Then we are maxed out until the middle of March.

    4. Thanks again a lot for you quick answer!


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