Pinecraft Shoe and Repair

 Less than a week ago a new shop opened in the neighborhood, Pinecraft Shoe & Repair. It is located on Bahia Vista, next door to The Village Cupboard

 The owners are Lee & Linda Keim. It has been their dream for years to open up a Shoe Shop in Pinecraft.

 They sell more than just shoes. They have a selection of ice cream freezers and the Berlin Flyer Wagons. I assume the chair is to sit down and try on the new cowboy boots or good sturdy waterproof work shoe.


A display of their boots and shoes. They are working on getting a line of women's shoes and sandals in the near future.

I took a peep into the back room where the leather sewing machine is, to do repairs.

 In another section of the store they have a display of real leather goods, made by Coblentz Leather from Holmes County Ohio.

Genuine leather belts. I am just showing a small portion of what they have on hand.


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