Produce Shopping

 Every Saturday I have to see to it that I have enough food in the house to do until Monday. So this morning I went produce shopping at Yoder's Fresh Market. I remembered the Scuppernong grapes were in season last year in August. (Scuppernong is a Muscadine grape.) So this morning I looked around and sure enough, they are in. I bought some, enough for the weekend. I spoke so highly of them that two other customers decided to buy and try them out.  Right next to these grapes was a box of strange looking fruit from Asia, the Rambutan. One of the workers gave us each a sample. The only flavor I can get out of them is just a sweet taste. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I bought a few.

I allso bought a bag oof peanuts for the squirrels in the park. I don't have to sweet talk them into eating my peanuts.They come running when I arrive at the park.


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