An Evening at the Park

Tonight at the park there was a police car, a U-Haul truck, Enos Bontrager's car and Tim Miller's motorcycle parked out front. Under the pavilion people were in two groups, them and us. I biked past the them group to get to the us group. I don't have names for the them people but in the us group were Enos & Tim, plus Reuben Yoder. The cops were called because of a verbal fight and the instigator had to leave the park. 

This all happened before I arrived, so we did some good visiting. The most interesting pieces of information I gathered was that 40-50 years ago in a certain Mennonite group they had a spit bowl up by the pulpit so the preachers could spit their tobacco juice. This was just a common everyday thing as during that same time-frame an Amish bishop from the mid-west used spit on the floor, and smash the spit ball with the sole of his shoe and rub in into the floor for good measure or for whatever reason. That is just how life was back then...

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