Sunday's Bike Ride

 I went biking to see what is in the backside of homes, buildings and streets. For some reason I love the backside of life. Maybe it is because I am dyslexic. I don't know if I still am a dyslexia because there is nobody around to correct me when I see and say things  from right to left.  Anyway this is what I found.

 The Spanish Moss swinging high and swinging low. They just twisted and turned with the wind. 

 Just a storage shed.

 Two storage sheds among the Elephant Ears.

 The Backside of Pinecraft. This is the place where flowers look over the fence and chats with the vines crawling up the wall. This is the place where the fox trots and the Bobcat travels from east to west and back aagain.

 Miniture Elephant Ears in straight rows along the steep creek bank.

The canal in the backside of my house.

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