In Memory of Atlee Miller

This past Tuesday the Pinecraft Pickers who play/make music every Saturday evening during the winter months at Ed Detweiler's home on Gardenia Street, played in memory of Atlee Miller. Atlee was the founder of the original  Bluegrass Band. He was born with music in his heart and at the age of twelve his Mother hitched up the horse to the buggy and took Atlee to town to buy a guitar.

Atlee was born August 22, 1925 and every winter they were always a part of my Pinecraft Life until he passed away on October 25, 2014.

 This is probably the last photo I took of Atlee & Viola as they cruised around Pinecraft on April 4, 2014.
April 19, 2012 Dave took his father Atlee to Big Olaf for ice cream.

 December 15, 2012 Atlee & Viola arrive at Detweiler's for a Saturday evening of music. 

 His son Dave is getting his Father situated. Bill Detweiler on the right passed away about three weeks after this picture was taken.

Atlee is situated and waiting to play.

 The rest of these photos were taken on Tuesday evening at Atlee's Memorial Service.

 Some of the family

 David Swartzentruber was the planner and moderator. Dorene is a daughter-in-law to Atlee & Viola.

 John Graber played the harmonica for 20 years more or less. In recent years he isn't playing due to age and whatever goes with old age. But this night he played his favorites in honor of Atlee.
 Ada Petershiem had played with the group for 15 years. This night she played in memory of Atlee.

 Paul Miller talking about their Shuffleboard games. Atlee had  told me he loves playing the shuffleboard almost as much as singing.

 Ashley singing a song in memory of her Grandfather. 

 Left to right: Ralph Christner, Lee Swartzentruber, John Miller, Clarence Yutzy, Dave Weaver

 On the sideline

 Dave and Doreen in memory of his father.

 Swartzentruber Brothers: Lee & Dave with Daryl Crawford

 John & Anna Graber clapping to the music. You couldn't help it for your hands just did the clapping.

Ed Detweiler shares a few memories of the family's hospitality and kindness. 

A beautiful sunset at the end of a beautiful evening.


  1. Katie,
    Atlee was an uncle of mine. I remember at family get-togethers gathering around Atlee & Clarence, also others that played guitars & we would sing & sing. Was so much fun. Sometimes Atlee would tell stories - what a story teller he was! Loved that uncle of mine & he will really be missed. So glad you had this evening in his memory! Wish I could have been there, too. Heaven is enjoying his company now! Ruth Weaver

  2. My dad sang in a men's trio with Atlee for years, and we were also neighbors (in Ohio) until they had to move because a runway was being put in right where their house sat. I have many wonderful memories of going to their house on Friday evenings for "practice." A couple of years ago he coached my friends and I in shuffleboard when we were in Florida for a week. I'm sure that he will be greatly missed in Pinecraft.



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