Today's Happenings

 Ouch! Too much sun.

 The planting of a tree.

 I don't know if this is child's play or some sort of ritual.
 Four bus loads left today, one for Indiana and three going to Ohio. It is that time of the year.
The parking lot ran out of space so vehicles had to park in the streets to unload luggage and passengers.


 Leaving the park piggy-back.

 Smucker sisters visiting

 Ohio women on the bleachers visiting.

 Going for a stroll.

 The bliss of childhood

This same guy was with Butch Chupp, so I asked him if this is a grandson? Butch's reply was no. He doesn't even know his name. The little boy just wants to be with him.

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  1. If that really is a sunburn and not tights, that person should be in a hospital! My goodness!



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