Loading up in the Rain

 The forecast was for rain this afternoon, to be exact 100% chance of rain at 3 o'clock. I knew all this rainy prediction but I wanted to watch the four Pioneer buses load and leave. The rain started before 3 o'clock, so I took shelter under the roof of the post office so I could watch the action without getting wet. The rest of the pictures are all taken from my dry shelter.

 More people took shelter under the roof, Grossjean Moses Vernon and Ammon's Atlee's Mark and his family.
 Felty Mast Edna
 Daviess County Couple
 Quite a few of these rain coats came walking around.
 Sarah Ann and Ivan had family get on the bus.

 Two under each umbrella.
 Wet, wet, wet.
 Family Running!
 Yoder's workers running back after delivering food to someone on a bus.
 Isacc's Joe
 What is the hurry after being soaked?
 The buses were loaded in record time and all four buses left before 3pm.
Kathy and Paul Marner


  1. Especially love the last picture!!! I know the one girl from Yoder's. She is a roommate to a coworker.


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