Charter Bus by Pioneer Trails

 If I have my facts straight this bus contains dealers from Holmes Lumber. They have a point system and according to how much they buy, their points add up and Holmes Lumber gives them a free trip. This time the free trip is to Sarasota Florida.

 This dealer is from western Pennsylvania.

 My nephew Joseph Schrock is married to this dealer's daughter Rebecca.

 Wayne Weaver front on the right is my niece Mary Anna's husband. 

Yesterday the bus load was let loose in Pinecraft. Their only order was to be at Der Dutchman's at a certain time for their dinner. Then board their bus and head for Long Boat Keys where they have lodging. 


  1. Hi Katie,

    It looks like there are Swartzentruber Amish in your pictures. If so I didn't realize they would go to Florida. Or, are they Andy Weaver people?

    Thank you

  2. I asked my niece who was also on this trip and all she knew these that look like Swartzentruber are from western Pennsylvania. They are not Swartzentruber nor Andy Weaver people. One couple is from Enon Valley. She didn't know about the other couple.


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