The Beginning and End of the Day

 The beginning of a beautiful day. We had lots of rain last night and it was still dreary this morning but soon after 10 am the sun broke through the clouds.

 Most times Donny looks down on people because of his heights but this time he is looking up.

 Waiting for the light to change.

 This Daddy isn't even 35 yet and he already had silver gray hair. He said he has been gray since he is fifteen. The children help carry their things onto the bus.

 And a second load for the girl. I marvel time and again how these children are taught to take responsibility according to their ability. 

 Two Pioneer buses and the Daviess County Indiana buses left this afternoon.

 Paul Schlabach found himself a scooter of sorts. Later in the day this boy had the scooter while Paul had a regular bike. I think this is his wife's sister's son.

The evening shot from the Pinecraft Park.

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