Everence Pie Contest

Today was their 5th annual Pie Contest. It appears that they just happen to have the Pie Contest  on a cold windy day. I think this is the third years in a row that it was miserably windy.  But as long as there is no rain we can dress warmly and enjoy the day. 

Below are some of the main pictures. More pictures will be posted on Facebook. 

 The pies started coming in soon after 10am

 I think there was approximately 20 pie. 

 Sherry Gore and Laura Beiler.

It was cold and a wind of about 25 mph.

 Looking and admiring the pies.

 There were four judges.
Sherry Gore

 Marlin Eicher from Alaska but spend their winters in Florida.

 Dr Daniel Miller from Holmes County. 

 Todd Emrich from Yoder's Restaurant.

 Ready and eagerly waiting to taste a slice of each pie.

 The two ladies on the right dish out small slices for each judge. 

 David and Toni Kauffman brought the Chili and it is ready to be dished out.

 Praying over the food.

 Simon Lengacher got two servings, one for his wife and he takes the other bowl. 

Announcing the winners for the Creme Pies.

 And a few of the final winners. 

And the cleaning up. 


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