More Going Home

 The Christmas Vacation people didn't all leave on Friday. Two buses went north today. 

 I love this, absorbing every bit of sunshine possible before getting on the bus. There was a cold north wind but behind the Tourist Church was a protected spot where the wind couldn't get us.

 Perry Fry is going north. They are probably planning to come back down again, as they are regular Snow Birds that stay all winter.

 Perry's wife with the pillow.

 I asked this girl if I may have a picture of her baby doll? She gladly consented.

 The doll without a name had her glasses put on and stood on her own two feet to have a second picture taken.

 Martha Mast getting a picture of her husband Marvin before he takes the bus north. David Stoltzfus is the other driver for this bus.

 I love this parting shot of sitting in the sun, eating Big Olaf ice cream and doing some last minute visiting. 

 The last passenger to board. 

One of the drivers of the second bus.

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