My New Bike

The only bikes or trikes I have been able to use are from Trailmate, which is located in Sarasota. My first bike I bought while living in Cookeville Tennessee. I got some use out of it but not as much as I wanted because we lived lived in the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau, in the hills. It took too much effort to bike uphill. So I used it some but not that much. After leaving Tennessee I used the bike strictly for exercise for the next six years. Then when I moved to Florida it became my transportation. This bike I had for eighteen years. It got a lot of wear and tear in Florida, so around 2012 I bought a new one. I practically lived on this bike until three-four weeks ago it needed major fixing. Chet Stoltzfus who was looking after Lapp's Bike Shop this summer was going to repair it but he died of a heart attack. Anyway I got a phone call from Lapp's Bike Shop informing me he is giving me a new bike as a gift. Today Ron and Nancy Good took my up to the Trailmate factory to adjust the brand new bike to fit me and bring it home to my place.

Below are pictures Nancy took with her camera. All the photo credits go to Nancy.

 Showing me how to use the battery charger. 

 Making adjustments

 Tying down the wiring

And I took quite a few spins in the warehouse and outside. Not only does it pedal easier than my old one, I also have power, lots of power. And it is a beautiful lavender with black wheels.  
I know it is going to take self-discipline to pedal and pedal a lot or I will loose my strength, I look forward to go further with the battery power or get caught in the rain. If this bike lasts me seven years, well I will be seventy by then. Or if it lasts as long as my first one did I will be 81 years old.  We will wait and see...

Thank you Jake Lapp for the bike and Thank you to Ron and Nancy for your help in taking me to the factory and bringing it home. Thank you to the people at Trailmate Cycles for your special need trikes you manufacture.  


  1. What a wonderful blessing for you. Makes me very happy. It is a lovely color too!

  2. What a blessing :-) I also want to thank you for all of the picture posts you do.

  3. Katie, I just LOVE that bike. And you look tickled pink... I can see why.

    I'm sorry I haven't been getting over here all that often. I'm always pleasantly surprised about what's going on in Sarasota when I do.

    Thanks for sharing this new joy in your life. I love the color!

    1. Thank you. I like that I can pedal and use the battery power at he same time, for I still get my exercise.

  4. What a great bike. I like the seat design. I could ride a bike again with a bike like that. You look tickled purple.


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