Today's Photos

 Packing peaches into Yoder's kitchen to make Peach Pie Filling.

 Tonight was an evening to be out and about. I don't know if the rest of Sarasota had rain today, but Pinecraft didn't. And it was high time to get out and about this evening. 

Two young men took their speedboat on the creek. A group of seven had the Volleyball court and two games of Shuffleboard were in progress. Some women sat and visited and  about four or so were in the pavilion. We can't stand to be cooped up day after day due to the heat index of over a hundred degrees and then evenings with pouring rain. We loose our sanity. 
 Crist Petersheim, Buck Levi, I don't know who the next guy is and Albert Miller.

We even had a colorful sunset in the west and a round moon in the east. Full moon is August 18th.  


  1. A Lester Wengerd. Tim Miller's cabinet installer.


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