Saturday Evening With Family

 Last evening we were invited to my Sister Clara's place for the evening, where I met up with a few more family members. 

These are Jensen's new school shoes.

 Earlier in the day Jensen and his Mom did school supply shopping. School shopping changed big time compared to 55 years ago. I started my first four years in school with a tablet, a pencil and a box of 16 crayons. Yesterday I discovered this day and age the parents supply almost everything a child needs during the school term, down to the Kleenex and handi-wipes. 

 Rhoda has always been a Little Maid whenever it comes to taking care of toddlers and little children. 
 Brothers welcoming their cousin.


 This little guy is fourteen months old. We had met one time last summer when he was only a few months old. Of course he remembers nothing of me. But this time he is trying to figure me out, knowing there is something different about my size. This has happened many times in the past. Usually the next time we meet up, we become friends.

 The men folks: Joe Schlabach, my brother-in-law Marvin, Marvin Junior & Atlee Troyer and the little boys.

After dark around the campfire. 


  1. Love these photos, Katie. I also love the look on that little boy's face. He really is trying to figure you out!


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