Yesterday's Drive

 The Book Shanty in Mt Hope Ohio is so well hidden that I never noticed it until yesterday we went looking for it. Years ago this was their post office. About twenty years or so ago Mary Yoder turned it into a bookstore basically for the Amish although anybody is welcome. One wall has only books in the old German language. There is a section of local history books. She has a number of biography and memoirs from Amish/Mennonite writers. In general the store is geared toward the Amish. 

Mary is also a walking, live history person. She knows everything concerning Mt Hope and the surrounding area in the years gone by. Her knowledge include my ancestors and we could have spend the whole afternoon visiting. On another trip I want to return to this Book Shanty and visit some more.

 These are the apples hanging over the Book Shanty.

We bought a bit of produce at the roadside stand from this farm.I think this is on the Mt Hope Road.


  1. Great pics of Ohio.I lived there for a year in '85 to'86 in the woods south of New Bedford.The greenery is awesome in the summer,the winter made me want to leave again for the sunny South,which is what I did...Lenny..

  2. I love the idea of a book shanty! I can imagine strolling in and picking something out. Looks like beautiful weather for your trip.


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