Shuffleboard - Wednesday Evening

 For a while tonight it looked like only one game of shuffleboard was going to play tonight, while the rest sit visit and watch. But then Fannie Kay and Wilma Yoder came driving into the park and soon Mervin got a board ready for four women to play. 

 I stayed around, knowing it was bound to be interesting. It didn't appear like these two had ever played before or else they never played much. Whatever... Mervin gave them some instructions and they played well.

I love these giggles they are having. It was a good evening. 

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  1. Hello, I hope you forgive me for posting on your blog, but I could not find any other way of contacting you.

    I volunteer for a small (1,500 subscribers), non-profit church history magazine called "Leben" ( Our next issue will include an article about the Amish. I cam across your paintings and found them delightful. Would it be possible to use some of them in our magazine? We would, of course, grant you credit in the magazine. Thank you for your help. You may email me directly at


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