Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Are Equal

 Neighbors at the Laundromat. I took my laundry over to dry this afternoon and this was the first thing that caught my eye. I just stopped and looked at the contrast. It warms my heart to know these two are neighbors, looking out for each other.

Katie Borntrager used to be very active at the Laundromat, keeping it spotlessly clean. But in recent years that has changed. She has had knee replacement and other old age ailments, but she still cares deeply. I can think of only two things she couldn't tolerate when she was active in the Laundromat and that was finding dog poop in the dryer and a pet snake that came with its master some years ago. 
But this is Pinecraft. We have our differences in more ways than one but we are neighbors...
This is another aspect of Pinecraft Life that I love and appreciate. This was the first time meeting of these two women, but they were no strangers. Instead they were friends that had never met before. Tonight these two were neighbors for a short time...


  1. These two pictures are how people should function. Smoothly, lovingly, without thought for the wrappings, or lack thereof.

    1. Thank you El. You have put this in a nutshell.

  2. What do the Amish think when they see a man wearing only shorts? Particularly an elderly man? I would be a bit uncomfortable.
    As for the sense of community-seems great.

  3. Well, it's kind of a lot of skin. Here in Cement City we wear a little more. I hope I'm not being offensive. Not my intention.