Sarasota's Mountain

 On Thursday evening a few of us walked the Sarasota Mountain. I don't know what the mountain's official name is, but here is the mountain. Erma and I arrived a few minutes before Daniel & Lena Kropf arrived from the Myakka area. At least they live down that way. 

I looked at this measly mountain and sneered at it. It was a joke thinking this is a mountain. It reminded me of children trying to make a mountain in the sand box. And finishing it off with a few twigs stuck in a mound of sand. But long before we descended at sunset, I changed my mind about this being a joke and a measly mountain. 

This mountain is a work of art, with a vision for the future generation. 

 A few weeks ago Daniel and Lena asked if I want to see this mountain, sit on the top and watch the sun set over Sarasota? I wanted to see and experience this but I knew I can't do all the walking it requires, so I suggested a wagon ride. They immediately took up the suggestion and being Daniel is a landscaper, he has a few heavy duty garden wagons they use to haul pavers etc.

 And our journey up the mountain starts with Daniel being the Charioteer, while Erma and Lena bring up the rear.

 The reason for the mountain.

Looking west, where wild life thrives and bird lovers come from all over. Joggers and runners are on the many trails, huffing, puffing and sweating getting their exercise. And probably practicing for marathons. 

 The view down the east side is a horse farm with a helicopter to give rides.

 And the Big Cat Habitat sanctuary. Sometimes the cats roar at sunset but on Thursday they were quiet.

 Daniel, Lena, Erma
 watching the sunset. The air was cool and refreshing.

 Silhouette against the evening sky.

Daniel Kropf the Chariot driver. He is used to harder work than pulling me up the mountain or bringing me back down. Thank you Daniel, Lena & Erma for pleasant evening.


  1. Katie, thank you for allowing us to "ride" with you. I love the stories you tell and the photos you take.

    1. Saloma,
      My pleasure. You are more than welcome to get on the wagon with me any time...

  2. Katie,
    You remind me of a queen upon her chariot. Lucky girl!

    I adore the picture of the women sitting on the bench with their feet dangling. How cute is that! Just goes to show how each one of us has a bit of kid still in us. It also reminded me that God sees us as His children.

  3. I have never heard of this mountain! It is beautiful and certainly an oddity in such a flat area. Unfortunately, we just got back from a week in Sarasota/Anna Maria Island. Guess I'll have to check it out next year. I love looking at your pictures and peeking in on your adventures!

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