Different Yet Same

 Tonight when I biked to the park I was amazed at the diversity of people, and yet just how different are we from one another? This group assembled at one end of the pavilion, Albert who is a local "Englisher" who was with this group of Amish men. Tonight he had more in common with this group than he had with all the women and their children that assembled at the opposite end of the pavilion.

Ola Yoder or Miller from Nappanee Indian is here for laser back surgery, done in Tampa. David Weaver is still healing from his knee and Reuben Yoder is local.  

 And then a group of four women and two men from Lancaster PA walked in. They are in Sarasota for doctoring and only spend the weekends in Pinecraft. 

 This is who was on the opposite end of the pavilion. Most if not all of these are liberal in their mindset. I visited with a few and they said they decided to spend the evening at the park because they are friends... They brought their own music and food. 

Some of their children wrestled in the sand, going after the one that is down. I didn't get the beginning of heir play. Maybe he was the instigator.  They played rough but that is a part of their culture, a part of who they are.

These two groups of people have their similarities and yet are vastly difference. Most of the deciding factor of who is who is given to us at birth by our parents. Later in life we make choices and we are responsible for the choices we make.

And the old crow is a crow because he was born a crow, and will always be a crow, eating peanuts the squirrels left behind.

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Do you know if the group of women and children are gypsies?


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