Shuffleboard Tournament

 Last night which was Wednesday, there was a good turnout for the Shuffleboard Tournament.

 Not everyone played, some watched...

 or played Volleyball.

 Jim measuring which disk is closest to the white line. This is serious playing. I love to watch them as they carefully aim and shoot with intentions of making their moves count.

 Ed Detweiler, David Weaver and a biker watching from the sideline.

 The balancing act also plays a big part of the game.

 Homer Lambright makes a shot.

 Three of these four are local men.

 This side of the board they are all in their glory with the last rays of the sun on their heads.

 Henry Wagler turning on the lights. I never stay until they are finished as it gets too dark to get good pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katie,
    The picture of the Amish girls playing volleyball is spectacular. The colors of their dresses pop against the monotone backdrop. Cool!


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