Wednesday Nght's Shuffleboard

 Tonight was the Wednesday Night's Shuffleboard Tournament. It also rained about an inch just prior the game and then quit raining and sort of cleared up. I needed a bike ride so I took off for he park, not expecting any game. But a few of the men were drying off the court, by scraping off the water and debris and blowing the fan. 
 Four players showed up, just enough to get the game going.


  1. A couple of weeks ago I took my sons to the park and there was a man there practicing horseshoe throwing. He let us know there was a tournament that evening and that he was in it. We chatted a bit then my boys and I made our way to the car. On the way we ran into his teammate. We wished him well on the tournament and let him know we saw a fellow enthusiast practicing. He let out a mild growl and said, "Yeah! He's gonna need it." I'm assuming he recognized the vehicle of his opponent. So much for teammate.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight was the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Tourist Mennonite Church. Their church people invite the elderly, widows, widowers, sing...