Blood Pressure & A Stroke

Pinecraft had a Stroke this afternoon due to "High Blood Pressure". Mid-afternoon a truck ran into a small car in front of Yoder's Gift shop. And so Bahia Vista who was having high blood pressure stroked and for a while became crippled. The stroke came the reason for a crowd of people gathering just to see for it gave them something to do. You know figure out all the details of the accident. I don't think anybody was hurt as no sirens went racing to the hospital.

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  1. So what part of Holmes County do you visit? I grew up in Sugarcreek where most of my family still lives. My parents had a house on Birky street in Pinecraft. The one now owned by the Dieners, has the shuffle board court.

    I miss not visiting each year as we did when Nelson and Susie Miller were living.

    I enjoy your pics.

  2. I know where that house is on Birky. I have a sister in Sugarcreek, married to Jacob Schrock. Then clara is married to Jacob's cousin Marvin Troyer but they live in the Bunkerhill/Winesburg area. so that is where I visit the most. I lived most of my Holmes county life north of Apple Creek OH.

  3. would that be andy diener from intercouse,pa.Ireally miss yoders since i moved to the lancaster/lebanon pa area. i see from this site that yoders expanded alittle. i always wished that they would have made the restaurant bigger. but maybe they just want to keep it simple, nothing wrong with that.pretty cold here in lebanon,pa, and it looks like we have snow on the way on weds........ Richard

  4. I remember hearing of all those bike accidents while i would visit pinecraft, it seems to have thankfully slowed-down now. Richard



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