Holy Hush

On Saturday evening I went with family members to watch the sun set on Lido Beach. This is my great niece with her Daddy. I love their profile.

More families were walking the beach, with pant legs rolled up looking for shells and waiting for the sun to set.

It never fails when that last sliver of the round sun sinks down below the water, a Holy hush engulfs me and it makes me think of eternity, of endless ages, of eternity past, present and future. The sun has been rising up in the morning from the Atlantic and going down over the Gulf of Mexico each evening for generations...


  1. Pretty pictures of the beach, im excited about getting a digital camera which will be my first. do you take those pictures yourself katie, you take them like a pro. we have more snow coming our way in the Lancaster/Lebanon pa area this week, and im still trying to get used to the cool weather after being in florida for 22 years. But im adjusting better than i had thought, and im very glad im here. Richard www.amishstorys.com

  2. A number of years ago I was on Lido with a friend at sunset. It was indeed a holy hush. I took pictures of the sunset, and also of all the "participants", standing in holy silence up and down the beach, watching it happen. It was quite an experience.



A sign on the window, it reads the following:  This lady cleans houses and hotel rooms 5-6 days a week, then comes home to a wet,...